Swan Innovation – Translation

Word is the agent of expression and emotion to the readers. When these words are converted as per the reader’s expectations, it implies a successful usage of words! Yes, this is what we do at Swan Innovation. We possess a network of translators who can deliver top – notch outputs within a very short span of time.

What do we translate?

Do you have a patent to be translated? We do that! Do you have a technical manual that you find it to be tough to translate? We do that too! In over 40 languages, Swan Innovation can translate information present in reports, website contents, software documents, brochures, catalogues, employee handbooks, technical manuals, legal contracts, procedures, birth certificate, death certificate, marriage certificate and the list goes on...

We differ from any other translation service providers in the qualification and dedication of our experts who are native speakers of the target language. Swan Innovation has never failed to delay the deliveries or miss the quality as we are deeply concerned about quality as that has been the predominant factor for our success and survival in this competitive market.

What is our speciality?

Swan Innovation remains unique in the thought that our translators do not work towards monetary benefits but towards attainment of satisfaction from the readers which would indicate the transfer of spirit of message from the writer to the reader.

Swan Innovation comprises of human resources with adequate professional expertise who can excel the translation in a faster turnaround time. Our performance indicators have clearly insisted on the quality in spite of the quantity of tasks that we receive on an average.